Bostic Imagery | About
My photography career was built from the ground up and has been a growing expression since the ripe young age of five when I held my first camera. Blessed with a household that might not have had much, but where I was surrounded by photographic talent and shown the ropes to capturing quality moments in time.

Years ago I started out in the realm of point and shoot cameras where I focused more on composition and learning basics. I graduated through a series of cameras and settled on the Minolta SLR bodies for several years before investing in a new direction. I proudly capture my images with professional Canon DSLR and video products. I utilize hardware and software from Adobe, Apple, Benro, Interfit, Manfrotto, Photogenic, and Samson.

Few times in my life have I not had a camera in hand and found myself capturing the moment, but since 2001, my photographic adventure moved from a simple hobby to more of a professional career.

I have had the privilege and the luxury to host or be involved with a variety of photo events over the last 15 years. Ranging from local events, collegiate sports, professional sports, professional models, dignitaries, actors, Governors, Senators, candidates, and two Presidents. with a vast variety of other events I have captured them all.

If you are looking for tenured experience without the drab everyday look then you have came to the right place. Regardless of who you are, you are guaranteed to get that professional look at a reasonable price.